The Podcast

The Podcast

The Support For Guys podcast started started in August of 2019 by host Lucas Catton with the intent of encouraging men to have more meaningful conversations together and with others about things in life that have more significance. We wanted to create a safe place to discuss many topics, share ideas and open up without fear of judgment or ridicule.

The name for the podcast changed to Finding Your Way after 23 episodes, though the initial intent still continues.

You can listen on your favorite format above, or click on one of the titles below to go to the corresponding page to read a short description and listen to the show.

Finding Your Way – The Opioid Independence Program

Episode 23 – Family and Functioning Systems with Tim Harrington

Episode 22 – Leading With Your Heart

Episode 21 – Understanding Impermanence

Episode 20 – Pursuing Connection

Episode 19 – Staying Above the Mendoza Line in Life

Episode 18 – Creating Balance in Life

Episode 17 – Reconnection

Episode 16 – Therapy & Other Outlets with Matt Wagner, LPC

Episode 15 – Spirituality, Religion & Metaphysics with Mayer Harris

Episode 14 – Flawed Leaders and Personalities

Episode 13 – 10% Happier Instead of 10X Growth

Episode 12 – Finding Meaning

Episode 11 – Identity and the Labels We Assume

Episode 10 – Detaching Ourselves from Specific Outcomes

Episode 9 – The True Power of Forgiveness

Episode 8 – The Two Party Political System Needs an Update

Episode 7 – Kindness Isn’t Just Fluff

Episode 6 – Self Confessed Introvert

Episode 5 – Recovery Month

Episode 4 – Judgment vs. Love in Religion

Episode 3 – Formal Education vs. Specialized Training

Episode 2 – When Your Back is Against the Wall

Episode 1 – The Inaugural Support For Guys Episode

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