In order to foster connection and offer more support, we believe that having in-person meetings and online meetings are valuable resources.

Our meetings are open to any topic that attendees would like to discuss, so they are about life. They may not always be about problems or for people needing certain types of help, they can also be for collaboration, ideas, networking and other types of connection as well. Check here for locations.

There are a few basic ground rules that we want to follow though.

1.) These are judgment-free spaces. People are welcome to have different views about different topics, and to share those views, without fear of being ridiculed. We are here to learn about others as much as we are to learn about ourselves.

2.) We may suggest or offer resources for help, but these meetings are not venues to push or proselytize any one single set of ideas or beliefs.

3.) We are respectful of other people talking, as well as respectful of other people’s time when we are the ones talking. It is a give and take relationship, and although we are not required to share, we are required to be respectful and listen when others are sharing. There may be a time when we need them to listen to us.

4. ) What we share with the group is confidential, as there must be trust among attendees in order to open up and reach the places we need to go.

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